The Only Earnings Winner Setup You Need to Know

Q3 2016 earnings season started to ramp up in late July/early August, and the markets have given us a ton of opportunity for profits. I’ve had between 50 and 60 earnings winners on my watchlist for the last week or two, and those of you who follow me on twitter have enjoyed access to my daily w/l and price alerts. I know a lot of my followers have been making some pretty nice $$$ on these runners, and this earnings season is only getting started. If you were able to download and study my price alerts, you could probably tell that most of them are set to trigger at or above the day 1 high.

This is because the breakout over day 1 high setup is by far the most lucrative pattern for swing trading earnings winners, and is perfect for those who are busy with day jobs, classes, kids, etc. The charts below are in different stages of the breakout.. Some have run for several days, while others are are only just beginning to breakout or setup. It’s important to study these patterns in all the stages, so you can easily spot the trend and integrate this consistently profitable setup into your trading repertoire.

GOGO 10d 5m.png
GRPN 20d 1hr.png
STKL 10d 5m.png
OCN daily 3m.png
KTOS 10d 5m.png
OCLR 10d 5m.png
HIMX 2d 5m.png
OAS 10d 5m.png
HLIT 5d 5m.png
CHGG 10d 30m.png
CC 5d 5m.png
PTCT 10d 30m.png


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